Lulu - Musical

  • €58.95

Meet Lulu, our cute baby alpaca with fluffy ears and a funny tail. Available in various sizes en 2 soft tone colours. 

For every Lulu sold until 22/12, Dimpel donates 3€ to Kinderkankerfonds.

Don't know what's the right fit for your baby?

- Tuttie: A small sized doudou, not filled with a little loop to attach to your baby's pacifier. The perfect size for your newborn baby

- Doudou: A bigger doudou, not filled, with our signature soft fabric. You can attach your baby's pacifier to Lulu's tail. 

- Pancake: A small filled cuddle toy, the perfect small sized cuddle for your baby. this size in in between the tuttie & doudou.

- Pillou: A soft pillow, perfect for older children to play and cuddle with. 

- Musical: The perfect musical toy for a newborn baby to calm down and fall a sleep. Thanks to a soft, classic Chopin music your baby will fall a sleep instantly. The size is in between the pancake and pillow size.

- Moppie: This XXL doudou is the perfect cuddle blanket for your baby. For a newborn baby it can be used as a little blanket. Afterwards they will play and cuddle with it for a very long time. Our all time favorite!

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